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No Poo – FAIL :(

Posted on: October 3, 2011

So I haven’t used shampoo in about 3 months now.  At first it was really liberating, and I absolutely loved the results.  I know I previously said that I never wanted to go back to shampoo, but, sadly, I’m giving in.  Not forever though.  I knew that the change in seasons would have an effect on my baking soda and water mixture, and that I might have to change things up a little.  Unfortunately, I can’t figure out what in the world my hair wants right now.  I’m experiencing extremely greasy roots, and static at the ends.  I’ve tried everything – less baking soda, more baking soda, washing less often, washing more often, lemon juice rinse, vinegar rinze, no vinegar rinse, etc., etc. – and nothing has worked.  I’m getting sick of wearing my hair up  everyday to disguise the greasy roots.  Sooooo, I’m going back to poo for a few weeks.  When I get another vacation from work (probably not until Christmas) and I can get by with greasy hair for a few extra days, then I’ll go no poo again, and see what happens.  I’ll also be doing a little more research about how to get the extra oil out of my hair.  I’m totally puzzled.  ARRRGH, I really don’t want to use shampoo again!


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