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Cooking vs. Making Dinner

Posted on: August 5, 2011

Let me just say I think there is a distinct difference between cooking and making dinner.  I used to say “I don’t cook, I just make dinner.”  Cooking to me is following some sort of recipe, or fixing things from scratch.  The Other Half is the one who usually does the cooking in our house!  I’m the one who, until this summer, just made dinner.  Meaning, I heated up something boxed, or frozen (i.e. hamburger helper, frozen pizza, mac & cheese, pasta with a jar of tomato sauce, etc.) – you know, the really healthy stuff!

My Other Half is the creative one in the kitchen, he can whip up a little culinary delight in no time.  He doesn’t need a recipe, and everything always tastes good.  I have always been a little challenged in that area.  If I cook, I need a recipe, and I have to follow it to the “T.”

Summer time rolled around this year, and for some reason, I (yes, ME!) started COOKING!  Not all of the meals have been culinary masterpieces, and I’m sure Gordon Ramsey would have called me a “Stupid Donkey!” at least once or twice, but I’m really starting to enjoy it.  On top of that, I am learning to be a little more flexible and creative with my recipes too.

This week I have been stuck in a sort of “making dinner” rut again, but tonight I vow to start cooking again!

What are your thoughts?  How does your family “do” dinner?

Look for tonight’s recipe to be posted later today, and enjoy!



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