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One more “Poo Free” Update:

Posted on: July 27, 2011

I have currently been shampoo free since July 10th, and I am loving it!  My locks feel softer and smoother than ever, and I am happy to say that my whole house is poo-free now.  The other-half cut his hair shortly after I went poo-free, and he hasn’t used anything except baking soda for the past week and a half.  Our little butterfly only gets a rinse anyway when she is in the bath.  No more poo for us!

My hair is fully adjusted now, and is not getting greasy every other day.  I am still using the baking soda cleanser, and the vinegar rinse as I posted in my last update.  They seem to be the easiest to make and the most effective at cleaning and conditioning my hair.

I am currently washing every two to three days.  At first I thought that this was a bit more often than I should be washing, but after further research, I found that the frequency can change seasonally depending upon the weather.  This makes sense!  Just as our skin changes with the seasons (i.e. mine normally gets much drier in the winter than in the summer) so does our hair.  Because of the heat and humidity, and the fact that when I step outside for more than 30 seconds and stand still I am sweating, I must wash my hair more often in the summer.  I am anxious to see how this changes as the seasons change.

I have to admit, the initial adjustment period was pretty gross.  My hair was very “slick” to say the least, and I was sporting a pony tail almost everyday for the first week or so.  I really feel like it was worth it though.  Going poo-free is not only good for our hair, the environment and the bank account, it truly makes life easier.  Only having to wash my hair every few days cuts down on the time getting ready in the mornings!

I do have to say though, that my hair is the definition of straight!  I don’t know if this has made my journey to being poo-free easier, but I would suspect so.  Even with hair as straight as mine, I still used to use a conditioner because of tangles in the shower.  I was skeptical of going without poo because I was afraid my hair would tangle really badly without that conditioner.  I have to say though that I haven’t had many tangles at all.  In fact, it seems even less tangled than before!

If you are interested in going poo-free, check out my previous post for sites and cleansing recipes!




2 Responses to "One more “Poo Free” Update:"

But what about the yummy smell that “poo” leaves behind? Don’t you miss that?

Good point Mychal! I thought I would miss it but I really don’t at all. If that becomes an issue I could always throw some essential oils in with the wash to give it a pleasant fragrance. If I try it I’ll let you know how it goes!

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