My 2 Cents

The State of My Living Room

Posted on: July 22, 2011

20110722-085009.jpgYears ago, I used to be a neat freak. Then I got married, got a few (or 4) animals, and now we have a little one. I guess I can’t really say that now. (I’ve been meaning to pick up the “mess” in the picture for about 4 days now.) Our home isn’t dirty, we just have stuff everywhere. Having an 8 month old really contributes to that!

Before Alayna arrived, I never could have imagined how much STUFF a baby really needs. Diapers, wipes, toys, clothes, bags, bottles, baby food, formula etc. etc. etc…….. Over the past few months baby stuff has taken over our house.

Seeing my half-naked, little one crawling around, in and out of her toy box, with the dog watching her is just a joy to watch each and every day. Our home is happy, full of love, and clearly lived in. I wouldn’t trade this for a perfect house with everything in its place ~ EVER!


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